GDPR compliance

At Churned, we firmly believe in the sanctity of data privacy. We are committed to adhering to the standards set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a data processor and controller.

Your Data Rights Under GDPR

Access and Portability of Data

Upon request, Churned is prepared to provide exports of your personal data or that of your end users. Instructions for requesting a personal data export are detailed in the Privacy & Terms section of your Account Settings. If you're unable to access your account or its settings, please contact us at for assistance.

Request for Data Erasure

You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data. This request can be made through the Privacy & Terms section of your Account Settings. Churned also facilitates the deletion of your end users' personal data via the End User Data section in your Account Settings. For assistance beyond these options, please email us at

Opting Out

We empower our customers to control the data sent to Churned. All analytics tools integrated with our platform support user opt-out options. While we collect minimal personal information to enhance our services, this data is strictly used for product improvement and not for marketing purposes. Should you wish to object to this data collection, please contact us at

Servers & Security

Our Infrastructure

To uphold GDPR compliance for our valued customers, our server infrastructure is exclusively situated within the confines of the European Union. We operate within ISO-certified data centers that adhere to the highest standards. This includes not just our primary servers but also encompasses the secure storage of logs, backups, and disaster recovery mechanisms.

Sub-Processor Collaboration

We engage with sub-processors, such as the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and seek technical support and development assistance from teams situated outside the EU. However, it is essential to clarify that these engagements are always within the scope of subprocessor relationships. Each sub-processor we collaborate with is bound by a legally binding Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

Documents Pertaining to GDPR Compliance

Updated Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy, addressing GDPR compliance, is available at Privacy Policy Link.

Revised Terms of Service

In addition to our Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service have been updated to comply with GDPR regulations. You can review them at Terms of Service Link.

Data Processing Agreements

For a Data Processing Agreement with Churned, we invite you to send your request to

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