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AI Update information on Risk change drivers of Customer Detail View

When we update the Churn Model, it is expected that model predictions change. If the Risk Score of a customer has changed due to an AI update, you can now see it on the Risk change drivers widget.
Risk Change drivers were released on June’23. Check what Risk change drivers are on our documentation.
Available for: Churned B2B Enterprise

Product Usage on Customer 360

If you are a B2B SaaS company, Customer 360 now allows you to track Product Usage. You can see the values for each customer and compare it with the results in the year prior.
Available for: Churned B2B Enterprise

Drill-down capabilities on Technical Dashboard

We are just getting started on drill-down capabilities, and this month we have added them to the Customers Per Risk Level plot of the Technical Dashboard. Clicking on one risk level will lead you to the Customers List View, where you will see all customers at a given Risk Level.
There will be more widgets with drill-down capabilities soon!
Available for: Churned B2B Pro, Churned B2B Enterprise