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Welcome to our Product Roadmap page! Here, you’ll find an overview of our upcoming features and enhancements designed to optimize your customer management experience. Let's go!

June '24

We are currently working on two exciting features on Churned's platform:

Event Timeline

Enhance Your Customer Engagement

Revolutionize customer interaction management with our upcoming Event Timeline feature. Monitor every touchpoint, from website visits to meetings, in one integrated overview. Key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Interaction Tracking: Log and display all customer interactions chronologically.

  • Unified Customer View: Access a holistic view to better understand the customer journey.

  • Improved Coordination: Keep your team in sync with real-time updates.

  • Actionable Insights: Identify patterns and tailor engagement strategies effectively.

With the Event Timeline, managing customer relationships becomes intuitive and efficient, driving engagement and stronger connections.

Health-Score Breakdown

Understand Your Customer Health Scores

Gain detailed insights into your customer health scores with our forthcoming Health-Score Breakdown feature. Benefits include:

  • Detailed Sub-Group Analysis: Break down health scores into specific categories like product usage and customer feedback.

  • Root Cause Identification: Pinpoint reasons behind score changes.

  • Customizable Metrics: Tailor health score components to your business needs.

  • Proactive Management: Address issues before they escalate, improving customer satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports for strategic decision-making.

The Health-Score Breakdown empowers you to maintain and enhance customer relationships with data-driven insights.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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