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Welcome to our Release Notes page! Here, you'll find the latest updates, enhancements, and fixes to our platform. Each release note is designed to keep you informed about new features, improved functionalities, and resolved issues, ensuring you have all the information needed to make the most out of our services. Stay updated with what's new and how it can benefit your experience.

May '24

We are excited to announce new updates to our platform, designed to enhance customer management and provide timely insights. Here's what's new:

Weekly Email Updates

What's New? You can now receive weekly email updates providing critical insights on your customers. These updates will include information on customers who have increased in risk level, new upsell opportunities, and upcoming renewals.

Why It Matters? Staying updated on key changes and opportunities within your customer base is essential for timely and effective action. These weekly insights enable you to ensure better customer retention and growth.

How It Works? With this feature, you'll receive a comprehensive summary of crucial customer insights delivered directly to your inbox every week. This includes:

  • Customers who have increased in risk level

  • New upsell opportunities

  • Upcoming renewals

Who Gets It? This feature is available to all our users.

Notes Feature

What's New? We have introduced the feature to add notes to customer profiles.

Why It Matters? Adding notes to customer profiles helps keep important information organized and easily accessible, facilitating better customer interactions and follow-ups.

How It Works? You can now add and view notes directly within each customer profile, providing a centralized place for all relevant information.

Who Gets It? This feature is available to all our users.

Segment Integration

What's New? Churned now seamlessly integrates with Segment as a destination connection. You can easily route data from your web and platform directly into Churned to leverage user and account level insights quickly.

Why It Matters? Integrating Segment with Churned allows you to centralize and streamline your data management. This integration enhances your ability to make data-driven decisions, improve customer retention, and identify new growth opportunities.

How It Works? By connecting Segment to Churned, your data will flow seamlessly from your web and platform into Churned. This integration enables you to:

  • Access detailed user and account level insights

  • Quickly identify at-risk customers and potential upsell opportunities

  • Enhance your data analysis capabilities with real-time updates

For more details on how to integrate it, visit this page:


Who Gets It? This feature is available to all Churned users who also use Segment.

March '24

We are thrilled to announce a series of exciting updates and new features designed to enhance your experience and provide deeper insights into your operations. These updates are tailored to bring you closer to your customers and donors. Here's what's new:

Cohort Analysis

What's New? We've introduced advanced analytics that provide insights into average retention per month and average drop-off rates. This feature is a game-changer for understanding critical points in customer lifecycles and implementing strategies to improve retention.

Why It Matters? Knowing where and when you lose customers is vital for implementing timely interventions and improving overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How It Works? Our platform now aggregates your customer data to give you a clear picture of retention trends over time, highlighting specific periods where engagement dips occur.

Who Gets It? This feature is available to all our B2C users.

Upsell Opportunities Feature

What's New? Our latest release identifies top customers ripe for upselling, enhancing your ability to spot and seize revenue-generating opportunities.

Why It Matters? Efficiently identifying upsell opportunities can significantly impact your bottom line by maximizing the value of your existing customer base.

How It Works? Leveraging advanced analytics, our platform flags customers showing strong potential for upselling. Plus, with customizable business rules, you can fine-tune which customers receive this flag—perfect for tailoring your upsell strategies.

Who Gets It? Exclusive to our B2B customers.

Personalized Notifications Settings

What's New? Gain control over your in-app notifications with customizable settings designed to alert you to significant customer changes, such as churn risk increases.

Why It Matters? Staying ahead of churn risks and other critical customer events enables proactive engagement and retention efforts, ensuring your top customers remain satisfied and loyal.

How It Works? Navigate to personal settings to tailor your notification preferences, including the option to receive alerts based on specific ARR conditions. You can activate this feature by navigating to personal settings -> notifications -> enable.

Who Gets It? This update is available to all our B2B users.

Update on NGO App

What's New? We have revamped our NGO app, introducing a clear distinction between structural (subscriptions) and non-structural (one-offs) donors and integrating NGO-specific terminology to enhance user experience. We also added the donors list where you can filter on them.

Why It Matters? Tailoring our platform to meet the unique needs of NGOs enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of donor management and engagement.

How It Works? The revamped platform now allows for more intuitive management of donors, with enhanced filtering options and a seamless interface.

Who Gets It? This upgrade is available to all our NGO users.

January '24

AB-testing dashboard

Our A/B test dashboard offers real-time insights into campaign performance, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions. It provides key metrics to compare variations, gauge effectiveness, and optimize strategies. Additionally, personalization recommendations are provided, allowing for targeted adjustments based on audience behavior, thereby enhancing user engagement and improving overall campaign results.

Available for: All Churned pro packages

November '24

Customizing customer card

Want the option to customize the customer profile card? No problem, hit the settings wheel on the customer card and choose what fields to show on the card.

Available for: Churned B2B all packages

September '23

Sentiment tracking

At a glance insight into the health of your customers based on the sentiment given by the Customer Success managers. These sentiments are also used as datapoints into the Churned AI engine.

Available for: Churned B2B Pro & Enterprise


AI Update information on Risk change drivers of Customer Detail View

When we update the Churn Model, it is expected that model predictions change. If the Risk Score of a customer has changed due to an AI update, you can now see it on the Risk change drivers widget.

Risk Change drivers were released on June’23. Check what Risk change drivers are on our documentation.

Available for: Churned B2B Enterprise

Product Usage on Customer 360

If you are a B2B SaaS company, Customer 360 now allows you to track Product Usage. You can see the values for each customer and compare it with the results in the year prior.

Available for: Churned B2B Enterprise

Drill-down capabilities on Technical Dashboard

We are just getting started on drill-down capabilities, and this month we have added them to the Customers Per Risk Level plot of the Technical Dashboard. Clicking on one risk level will lead you to the Customers List View, where you will see all customers at a given Risk Level.

There will be more widgets with drill-down capabilities soon!

Available for: Churned B2B Pro, Churned B2B Enterprise

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